Gated communities are communities that are restricted to a specific group of people. They can be private or public, and they can be closed or open.


Gated communities are communities where people are not allowed to enter or leave. They can be used for security, privacy, and safety reasons. They can also be used to restrict access to certain content or information.

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how to choose your automatic gate


We all want an entry system for our communities to keep them safe while letting the right people (residents / visitors / vendors) in. Currently most communities are still using the Doorking telephone entry system that is old and outdated.


While the multifamily market keeps on adopting new technologies, choosing the right community or apartment entry system is becoming confusing. 


So what is really important to consider when making such a decision. What You Need to Consider When Buying a New Gate for your Community in 2022?


1.Simplicity – dont go for the most complicated gate you can find. try to understand who are you community neighbors and make sure it will bee easy to operate for everyone on every age/


try to choose one system that will have it all – Instead of getting one system for the cars and other system for doors you have to try to find ons system that combines all and allows you to operate the whole community gating issue in one place.


Price – there are a lot of systems for gated communities. Do a little market research and buy the one that fits for every one.


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